British Feeds - FibreBeet




Fibre-Beet® is designed to be fed as a wet feed (liquid diet) which is the most natural way to feed your horse. By combining Alfalfa and Speedi-Beet® together into one easy to use unique lozenge shape, Fibre-Beet® offers an excellent source of highly digestible fibre in a liquid form and provides your horse with slow release energy without fizz. Formulated using all the benefits of Speedi-Beet® incorporated with good quality alfalfa. An ideal soft feed for recovering or veteran horses and ponies where maintaining condition is often difficult and teeth may be in poor condition.


Step 1:

Simply mix 3 parts of water to 1 part of Fibre-Beet by weight, that’s about 1 1/2 parts of water to 1 part of Fibre-Beet® by volume.

Step 2:
Leave to soak for 45 minutes using cold water or 15 minutes using hot water (fantastic in the winter to warm your horse).

Step 3:
Once Fibre-Beet® has been soaked it can be fed straight away or it can be kept in a cool environment, enabling you to still prepare in advance if you wish.

As a guide horses require 2% of body weight as feed per day. At least 25% must be fed as forage or high fibre alternatives.

Fibre-Beet® can be fed up to 40% of the daily feed, depending on circumstances.

As a forage replacer:

When forage is unavailable, Fibre-Beet® may be fed as a substitute – soak prior to feeding. Feed 1.0kg of soaked Fibre-Beet for every 100kg of body weight as a daily ration. Split and feed at least twice a day. If grazing, offer at turnout and after stabling. If 24 hour grazing, offer as required.

TYPICAL ANALYSIS (Fresh weight basis before soaking) % Unless Indicated
Dry Matter 90.0
Protein 10.0
Oil (B) Acid Hydrolysis 3.0
Fibre (Crude) 22.0
Ash 10.0
NDF 45.0
Starch 3.0
Total Sugar 5
Energy DE mj/kg 11.0
Minerals % Unless Indicated
Calcium 0.8
Phosphorus (Total) 0.2
Magnesium 0.13
Manganese mg/kg 59
Zinc mg/kg 22
Iron mg/kg 950
Copper mg/kg 7
Potassium 0.9
Selenium mg/kg 0.1
Iodine mg/kg 1
Salt 0.3
Sodium 0.10
Amino Acids % Unless Indicated
Lysine (Total) 0.45
Methionine 0.16
Tryptophan 0.16
Cysteine 0.16
Aspartic Acid 1.05
Threonine 0.43
Serine Acid 0.44
Glutamic Acid 1.25
Glycine 0.47
Alanine 0.47
Valine 0.55
Iso-Leucine 0.49
Leucine 0.66
Tyrosine 0.31
Phenylalanine 0.45
Histidine 0.31
Arginine 0.51
Proline 0.42