Vitamin E




Vitamin E plays an important role in muscle & nerve function, and is commonly fed to performance horses.

Vitamin E supplementation has been shown to reduce nervousness in some horses. It is also indicated to aid horses that are prone to tying up, especially in conjunction with Equine Selenium K.

Vitamin E is also a powerful anti-oxidant. It protects muscle cells and blood vessels against the toxic waste products of cell metabolism know as free radicals. It also protects the red blood cells. Supplementation helps horses with vitamin E-responsive myopathy, which is similar to equine motor neuron disease.
Horses low in good pasture or green feed intake are in need of Vitamin E supplementation.

Vitamin E is also necessary in the diet of breeding stallions and mares to maintain fertility.
Do not add to the same feed as an iron supplement as the vitamin may be damaged and therefore made ineffective.