CalfMate Milk Powder




Calfmate milk replacer is the next best thing to mum’s milk due to the 100% NZ dairy ingredients guaranteed. No fillers.

Suitable for Calves, Lambs and Kids.

Low lactose shows our dedication to providing maximum fat and protein for your calves’ growth and development. 
Guaranteed the best milk replacer for your calves.

Feeding Guide: 

Number of feeds per day
Per feed
Birth – 5 days 2-3 Colustrum Milk
6-14 days 2 1.5 – 2 litres
14-30 days 2 Up to 2.5 litres
30 to weaning 2 Up to 3 litres

 Fresh clean water should also be available at all times. A meal concentrate and/or hay may be offered from day 7.

Mixing Guide:

Mix Calfmate Milk Replacer at 150gm per 1 litre of warm water.
Add milk replacer to half the volume of water and mix thoroughly. Top up with water to the required volume ensuring the temperature of the milk is 40 Celsius.

Moisture 3%
Protein 25%


Lactose 42%


Top quality whole milk powder, milk proteins, calf specific vitamins and minerals, coccidiostat