Fiber Fresh - FiberMix



FiberMix® is the highest energy HNF® (compared to FiberEzy® and FiberProtect®), and is suitable for all horses, especially race and sport horses, where additional energy is required. Feeding FiberMix® can give trainers and horse owners alike the opportunity to feed a safer form of energy.

FiberMix® is a blend of lucerne (alfalfa) and freshly harvested whole oat crop (including the grain) that has undergone Controlled Fermentation™ resulting in a combination of HNF® and Captured Grain®.

With a Digestible Energy (DE) of 12.35 MJ/kg DM, FiberMix® is the highest energy equine forage feed known, and an excellent choice as the base forage for race horse or competitive sport horse stables which may be feeding energy-dense concentrate feeds but would like to complement these feeds with a high quality energy rich forage-fibre.