Fiber Fresh - FiberEzy



FiberEzy® provides the perfect base for a high fibre, high protein diet due in part to the inclusion of the equine specialty grass – Timothy. Timothy grass provides a consistently higher level of dietary fibre for good gut function and digestive health. FiberEzy® is the result of a combination of lucerne and timothy that has undergone a Controlled Fermentation™ process giving rise to HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber) which locks in and preserves vital nutrients.

FiberEzy® is a lower energy (compared to FiberProtect® or FiberMix®), safe and healthy option for leisure horses or those participating in activities requiring lower energy, and for horses sensitive to starch and soluble carbohydrate (sugar) based feeds.

FiberEzy® is a common sense fibre choice for horses that need cool energy for calm and steady performance, and the product we recommend for horses that are sensitive or prone to laminitis, or that are convalescing or recovering from surgery.