Dunstan Sporthorse




Dunstan Sporthorse is a diet formulated for the high nutrient requirements of the Hunter, Endurance Horse and Eventer during periods of intense work and competition.
Dietary energy is a critical component of a balanced diet formulated for horses that have a high performance output over relatively short time periods. Conventional diets of oats and pasture are not sufficiently concentrated to provide for these peak energy requirements, requiring large volumes of feed. 

The extrusion cooking process applied to cereal grain and proteins considerably enhances the energy values of conventional cereal grains. The addition of vegetable oil as a concentrated source of energy enables a high performance diet to be formulated within a relatively small volume of feed. 

Traditional high level feeding of carbohydrate to provide energy may predispose some horses to tying-up. The cooking of cereals, the addition of vegetable oils and the inclusion of Molassed Sugar Beet Feed as fermentable fibre, a known cool energy source, to our formula, greatly reduces the problem.

Sporthorse is formulated around an extruded cereal pellet, complemented with additional energy ingredients such as full fat soyabean meal, maize, rolled barley and vegetable oils. Trace minerals, vitamins and salt are provided at a level where no further supplementation is required.

Chromium Yeast is included to enhance performance through improved energy utilisation and lactic acid reduction.