Dunstan Pasture Plus



Mineralised supplement for Broodmares at Pasture.
Dunstan Pasture-Plus is an extruded mineralised nugget, formulated to meet the mineral needs of the pregnant Broodmare whilst at pasture.
It is important that during the last three months of foetal development, that the Broodmare receives sufficient intake of the important trace minerals, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium, to ensure correct skeletal development and joint soundness in the developing foal. 
Pasture is usually sufficient to meet the nutritional needs for protein and energy at this time, and the need for supplementary feed is often not required to meet these nutrients. It is unlikely that pasture intake will meet the elevated requirement for trace minerals and supplementation either as horse feed or a specific mineralised feed is recommended. 
Dunstan Pasture-Plus is a palatable, cooked cereal nugget that contains within its formulation the Broodmares requirements for the essential trace elements, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and salt. The growth amino acid lysine is provided to boost pasture quality.
The provision of copper, zinc and selenium in the more available forms as Organic Copper, Organic Zinc and Selenium Yeast, enhances the availability of these essential minerals, at a time when the Broodmares digestive capacity is often compromised. 
Dunstan Pasture-Plus offers in a cooked cereal nugget, a palatable and convenient means of supplementing the Broodmare at pasture, with the essential minerals and vitamins to ensure correct development of the unborn foal.
Dunstan Pasture-Plus is not a complete feed, but a mineralised feed concentrate to be fed in conjunction with pasture.