Dunstan Coolfeed



Dunstan Coolfeed is a palatable, coarse textured molassed feed of low energy specification. It has been formulated to an energy density suitable for feeding to horses of all disciplines where excess energy is not required, inadvisable or likely to affect temperament. 

Horses other than ponies often have a requirement for a diet of a lower energy specification. Usually when pasture is plentiful, in between high intensity work regimes, or for those individuals that have difficulty in digesting high cereal based diets. 

Coolfeed complements pasture grazing, insofar as providing some energy plus a full complement of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins. Extruded cereal, fibre pellets and oaten chaff are included in the Coolfeed formulation to provide both energy and fibre in forms that minimize digestive upsets due to excessive cereal fermentation in the caecum or hindgut. This combination of cooked cereals and fibre helps to maintain a healthy hindgut and therefore freedom from nutritionally induced colic or laminitis.