CG Vitamin E 500g


In horses, vitamin E is particularly important for muscle and nerve health. It is believed to play a role in preventing and managing conditions such as equine motor neuron disease (EMND) and tying-up, which can cause muscle damage and weakness in horses. Vitamin E is also thought to have immune-boosting properties, helping to support the horse’s immune system and promoting overall health and wellness. Horses cannot produce vitamin E in their bodies, so it must be obtained through their diet or through supplementation. Good dietary sources of vitamin E for horses include fresh pasture and hay, but supplementation is often recommended to ensure that horses get enough of this critical nutrient.

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Feeding rate

1g-2g daily for a 500kg horse

*up to 4g can be fed to those horses in recovery or highly strenuous work

Available in 500g & 1kg


Additional information

Weight .500 kg