EA Ventilator Powder



The horse’s respiratory system is challenged on a daily basis, both with athletic effort, in training and competition, and through environmental challenges such as dust and spores from hay and bedding.

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Ventilator is a natural supplement specially formulated using a unique combination of herbs and natural ingredients, known to support all aspects of respiratory health and performance, including:
Eucalyptus oil – known for its ability to help clear excess mucus from the respiratory tract.
Nettle – known for its ability to support a healthy blood supply to the lungs, and a source of Vitamin C
Astragalus Membranaceous – known for its ability to support immune function, especially seasonal allergies
Elecampane root – common name is horse-heal! Is known for its ability to support effective and efficient respiratory function.
Ventilator also supplies garlic, kelp, and fenugreek, as well as Echinacea and MSM to provide support for respiratory health, and immune function.
Ventilator should be added to daily feed, and can be used when horses are stabled, or out at pasture.

Available 500gm (one month’s supply)

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