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Racing and performance horses

An oat free, complete muesli blend containing extruded grains, legumes, oilseeds and vitamin and mineral pellets, all rolled in molasses, honey and cold pressed canola oil for a palatable and scientifically balanced complete feed.

  • Provides highly digestible and available energy for hard and fast work, combined with quality protein and essential amino acids to build muscle and maintain strong bones and tendons.
  • Balanced formulation with vitamins, essential trace-minerals in a Bioplex┬« organic form, electrolytes and antioxidants, plus Bio-Chrome™ organic chromium and Sel-Plex┬« organic selenium to allow for maximum muscle energy generation and muscle protection during hard work.
  • A scientifically balanced and convenient feed; simply mix the recommended amount with chaff, and provide hay or pasture relative to the stage of training or the daily exercise needs.

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