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EasiPrep is a specially formulated extruded sweet feed for all horses who are preparing for a show or for sale. Contains Omega 3 and 6 for coat shine and health and proteins and essential amino acids for helping build topline and develop muscle.

  • Combines organic copper and omega fatty acids for healthy coat colour and shine
  • Contains proteins and essential amino acids for assisting with topline and muscle development
  • Tasty formulation every horse will love to eat
  • Cooked grains for gut health and maintain calm and responsive behaviour while in training
  • Introduce this feed slowly over two weeks and feed additional grains, high energy fibres or oil when extra calories are needed
  • Major nutrients: Digestible energy 13.6MJ, crude protein 18.1%, crude fibre 6.1%, oil 10.0%, and salt 0.8%


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Weight 25 kg