NRPE Chicken & Heart Mince


100% chicken – meat + ground bone

NO Fillers/Preservatives

Great choice for cats and dogs

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Chicken is great for cats and the heart counts as muscle meat which contains taurine – vital to their health.

Chicken is high in protein

Vitamin B3 – converts food to energy while aiding in the digestive + nervous system

Vitamin B6 – helps the body to produce antibodies in the immune system

Phosphorous – good for their teeth and bone formation + heart and kidney functions.

The heart is made up of muscle with a small amount of fat and connective tissue – so it’s like a steak with extra protein and vitamins.

Great source of B12,  Iron, copper & selenium, and essential amino acids – keeping their coats silky, eyes bright, and a  healthy heart.

10% heart is a good ratio for a meal potion as it’s relatively high in cholesterol but the benefits are huge.

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