NRPE Beef Diced


100% beef  – approx. 80-90% meat 10-20% fat

Good for cats and dogs

NO Fillers/Preservatives

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Excellent source of: protein, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins B12, B3, B6

Fattier protein source but fur-kids bodies need a certain amount of GOOD fat too for them to absorb certain Vitamins & Omega’s. It is not known to effect dogs like humans with the buildup of cholesterol.

Chunky mince with a moderate level of fat and a high moisture content – important for hydration and kidney function

Great for more active cats/dogs or cats/dogs that burn weight easily

Eating beef mince with a bone source and tripe will aid with the fat molecules acting as building blocks with all the good vitamins combined in the meal

Good for puppies, dogs, transitioning, or mixed in for grown cats with other protein sources

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