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Looking for a complete and balanced diet for your horse? FiberBoost® is the perfect all-in-one option – particularly if you are concerned about growth related disorders like osteochondrosis and physitis whilst preparing your young horses, or improving a horse in poor condition.

FiberBoost® is a Total Mixed Ration – a truly complete and balanced diet including forage – and is suitable for all horses, especially growing horses, stallions, and pregnant or lactating mares with elevated nutrient and energy needs. It is also ideal for growing young horses due to its level of quality protein, vitamin and mineral pre-mix and perfectly balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus to ensure optimal bone growth and development. With a full array of essential amino acids, FiberBoost® will help ensure weight gain, optimal growth rates, and improve general body condition when needing to bulk up late foals and gangly two year olds, condition yearlings, or rehabilitate horses in poor condition.

FiberBoost® contains high energy HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber) that has undergone a Controlled Fermentation™ process, and Captured Grain® (cracked barley) conveniently mixed in the correct proportion for good digestive health.

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