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Fiber Fresh is launching a refreshed version of Fiber Meadow in a bright orange Fiber Fresh branded bag. The blend of grasses primarily made up from the low sugar and starch grasses of Pasture Brome (Bareno), Cocksfoot (Safin), with a small amount of Low Endophyte Ryegrass (Governor), and white clovers (Kotuku and Weka) included for overall sward health.

This blend has been expertly cultivated by the Fiber Fresh farm team, and in terms of stand purity for a Meadow Chaff, we maintain it is second-to-none. The presence of a large number of native grasses, legumes, and weeds as found in traditional meadow pasture is not present in our Fiber Meadow crop as it is a very clean crop, including only the cultivars mentioned above.

Ryegrass forms a small part of the Fiber Meadow blend, as harvest is cut 80mm above the ground and before seedhead development, this mitigates any endophyte risk from this already low endophyte cultivar, making Fiber Meadow a safe toxin-free fiber source.

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Weight 18 kg