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Equitak Excel contains three active ingredients: Abamectin and Oxfendazole to treat and control gastrointestinal worm parasites: large and small strongyles, large roundworms, (Ascarids, both sensitive and resistant to Abamectin), lungworms, pinworms and stomach bots, and Praziquantel to treat and control all tapeworms.


A9669 Unrestricted

Active Constituents:
Abamectin 4mg/g, oxfendazole 200mg/g and praziquantel 50mg/g in a cream paste for oral administration to horses. Presented in 30g dial-a-dose syringes.

Abamectin stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter GABA in roundworms, increasing membrane permeability of neurons to chloride ions and inhibiting neural transmission, which results in paralysis and death. Praziquantel interferes with the attachment of tapeworms by causing spastic paralysis. It also damages the integument, increasing its permeability to selected cations and destroying the parasites. Oxfendazole destroys roundworms, including abamectin-resistant Parascaris equorum, by inhibiting tubulin synthesis in the parasite, leading to death by starvation.

Treatment and control of all sensitive strains of roundworms, tapeworms and bots in horses.
Treatment and control of the following roundworms: Ascarids  Parascaris equorum (mature and immature) including abamectin-resistant strains; large strongyles Strongylus vulgaris (mature and arterial larval stages), S. edentatus (mature and tissue stages), S. equinus (mature) and Triodontophorus spp. (mature); small strongyles  Cyathostomum sp, Gyalocephalus spp, Cylicostephanus sp. and Cylicocyclus spp. (mature and immature) including benzimidazole resistant strains. Treatment and control of the following hairworms: Trichostrongylus axei (mature); intestinal threadwormsStrongyloides westeri (mature); pinworms  Oxyuris equi (adult and immature); lungworms  Dictyocaulus arnfieldi (mature and immature); and large mouth stomach worms  Habronema sp. Also skin lesions caused by the cutaneous larvae of Habronema and Draschia spp. (summer sores).
Treatment and control of tapeworms  Anoplocephala perfoliata (mature and immature; scoleces and segments) and botsGasterophilus spp. (oral and gastric stages).

Oxfendazole and abamectin may possibly affect development and/or reproduction. Abamectin may have effects on, or via, lactation. Oxfendazole (liver) and abamectin (nervous system) possibly may cause organ damage from repeated exposure at high doses.

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