Dunstan Sweetmix


A oat-free, lighlty molassed, complete textured feed

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Dunstan Sweet Mix is a highly palatable, lightly molassed, oat-free textured feed. A medium-energy feed suitable for working horses and those requiring additional calories for weight gain. When appropriate levels of fibre are added Dunstan Sweet Mix provides a complete feed. Energy is derived from a combination of cereal grains (starch) and added Vegetable Oil (fat). The addition of Vegetable Oil also assists in enhancing skin and coat condition. Dunstan Sweet Mix is balanced with Vitamins and Minerals. Minerals are provided as glycinate organic trace minerals resulting in improved bioavailability. This ensures maximum feed and nutrient utilisation, also aiding the development of the natural immune system. Organic Selenium as Selenium Yeast is included to provide a highly available and safe form of Selenium. Dunstan Sweet Mix includes highly bio-available Natural Vitamin E.

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Weight 20 kg