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Digest-Rite Sport is a nutritional supplement formulated for both sport and pleasure horses whose diets are based on pasture and some hard feed.

Digest-Rite provides a combination of scientifically proven pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, toxin binders and rice bran, all enhance digestion and at the same time help maintain a healthy digestive tract. It also helps prevent the absorption of harmful toxins and acids resulting from the digestion of some grasses and grains.

Horses are browsing animals with very selective grazing habits. Their digestive systems are well adapted to handling grass and forage based diets. The quality and quantity of pastures that horses have access to in New Zealand are generally quite different from those of a natural habitat.

Digest-Rite should be fed to sport and pleasure horses receiving a grass and grain diet or those grazing pastures where conditions are likely to cause nutritional problems such as over-excitability, muscle tye-up, laminitis or are grazing on fresh pasture or containing endophyte rye grass, paspalum or kikuyu. Digest-Rite contains no prohibited substances so can be safely fed before and during competition.

Daily Dose Rate: 

20gm per Kg of hard feed (grains or pre-mixes) or 50gms per day for horses whose food intake is predominately forage (fibre) and pasture.

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