CG Overdrive


Overdrive is a high-energy, light-type, specially-formulated feed containing a balanced combination of grains and other nutrients to help horses maintain peak performance levels while also supporting their overall health and well-being. It is an ideal feed for horses in full work that tend to do too well on normal race mixes.

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Nutritional information
Horse DE MJ/KG 14.2
Fat/Oil % 6.3
Crude fibre % 10.5
Crude protein % 13


Feeding recommendation
Expected Mature Bodyweight (kg)
  400kg 500kg 600kg
Light work 2kg-2.5kg 2.5kg-3kg 3kg-3.5kg
Moderate work 2.5kg-3kg 3kg-4kg 4kg-4.5kg
Heavy work 3kg-3.5kg 4kg-5kg 5kg-6kg
Ingredients list

oats, barley, micronized lupins, maize, sunflower seeds, green peas, molasses, lime, salt, electrolyte, specific chelate organic & inorganic trace minerals & vitamins, premium cold pressed oils, and pre & pro-biotic.


Available in 20kg


Additional information

Weight 20 kg