CG General Purpose


Cambridge Grains General Purpose Horse Feed is a premium-quality feed designed to provide optimal nutrition for horses of all ages and activity levels. This specially-formulated feed contains a balanced combination of grains and other nutrients to help horses maintain good health and well-being, as well as support their growth and development.

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Nutritional Information

Horse DE MJ/KG 15.1
Fat/Oil % 2.4
Crude fiber % 4                
Crude protein % 10.6


Feeding Recommendation

  300kg 400kg 500kg 600kg 700kg
Idle/Spelling .75kg-1kg 1kg-1.25kg 1.25kg-1.5kg 1.5kg-2kg 2kg-2.5kg
Light work 1kg-1.5kg 1.5kg-2kg 2kg-2.5kg 2.5kg-3kg 3kg-3.5kg
Moderate work 1.5kg-2kg 2kg-2.5kg 2.5kg-3kg 3.5kg-4kg 4kg-4.5kg


Ingredients list

barley, maize, micronized white lupins, green peas, oaten chaff, Lucerne chaff, molasses, salt, calcium, specific chelate organic & inorganic minerals and vitamins, premium cold pressed oils, pre & pro-biotic.


Available in 20kg

Additional information

Weight 20 kg