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Why Benchmark Invest®?

When our nutrition team started the development of Benchmark Invest® the overarching aim was to provide nutrition that was not only good enough to support the horse being fed but to provide support for the future.

For an in-foal mare, this is the development and nourishment of her foal through to weaning; for the weanling or yearling it is to support the upcoming periods of rapid growth and development and for a weary and muscle-fatigued equine athlete it is to rebuild and replenish body condition and lean muscle mass.

To succeed in this goal takes a holistic approach to equine nutrition. Inclusions must go well beyond providing carbs and protein. When formulating Benchmark Invest® our nutritionists looked at the gut microbiome, fiber and fat requirements, amino acid profiles across all body tissues, vitamin and mineral balances and nutrient availability and digestibility.

The result is a complete feed that we are very proud to offer to amateur and commercial breeders or to any horse owner who is looking to invest in their horse’s future.



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