Benchmark Balancer Mash


A concentrated nutritional formula packed with essential nutrients and amino acids but without the carbohydrates – served as a convenient mash.






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Benchmark Balancer Mash® can be fed alone (with the addition of fiber) or it can be fed in conjunction with Benchmark Super Fibre Mash, grains, or a high-fat energy source.

The applications for Benchmark Balancer Mash® are numerous and include:

  • All horses that react to feeds high in starch and sugar.
  • Horses at risk of, or suffering from laminitis, Cushing’s, IR, PSSM, or EMS.
  • Horses on box rest or recovering from injury, illness, or surgery.
  • Horses that require more topline or muscle mass.
  • To supplement horses grazing limited or poor-quality pasture.
  • Horses prone to weight gain that require a low dose, low carb concentrate.
  • Growing young stock that require a ration high in protein but low in starch and sugar.

Feeding the recommended daily rate of Benchmark Balancer Mash® to your horse will improve any ration by topping up nutritional deficiencies that may occur in fiber, pasture, grains, or poor-quality complete feeds.



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