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  • Digest-Rite Sport 2KG



  • Equifix Repair Cream


    Equifix Repair Cream is a topical application using the powerful healing properties of emu oil. It contains a high percentage of high quality emu oil and therefore very suitable for minor wounds and various skin conditions. Emu oil was discovered by the Aborigines many thousands of years ago. It has been utilised in Aboriginal culture…

  • Fly Repellent Vet Naturals


    Vetpro Natural Fly Repellent is a mutual collaboration between a top Equine Veterinarian and a renowned Herbalist, both with over 20 years experience in their respective fields, has resulted in the Vet Naturals range of products. The Fly Repellent is the first product in the range and has filled the need for a natural deterrent…

  • Fungal Shampoo


    1. It should remove embedded dirt. 2. It should relieve minor fungal and bacterial skin infections. 3. It should leave the coat with a healthy sheen. Vetpro Fungal Cleansing Shampoo combines all these properties. It contains a surfactant which gives the shampoo its rich lathering ability, lifting dirt from the coat. Kerasol, a hydrolysed form of…

  • Sunblock Powder


    Unique powder formula that blocks all UVA and UVB rays. An innovative solution to protecting the white skin of animals that is susceptible to sun damage. Sunblock Powder creates a smooth film like coating when applied to the skin – similar to a human cosmetic powder. Since it is a light powder pets do not have an adverse…

  • Vet Pro Quicklyte Paste



  • Vetpro B Boost Paste



  • Vetpro Electrolyte 1kg


    Available in 1kg, 2kg & 5kg  The muscular activity associated with training and competition results in a rapid increase in body temperature. The only way for horses to lose this excess body heat is via sweat production; in fact, efficient muscle function is dependent on it. Sweat also represents the major route of fluid and…

  • Vetpro Nasal Eze 500g


    Nasal-Eze is an effective product for horses showing  upper respiratory tract problems. It is a 100% natural product and contains Menthol and four volatile oils in an anhydrous base. The Menthol gives a cooling sensation to irritated nasal membranes and also helps clear the airways and bronchial passages. Eucalyptus Oil is a useful expectorant, increasing…

  • VetPro Relax


    Available in 1kg, 2kg & 5kg  Horses can become tense for many reasons, but when it stems from a shortfall in the levels of certain key nutritional ingredients, then Equine Relax can provide the answer to achieving a more sensible and attentive animal. Equine Relax contains the full range of actives that can be low…