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  • Iodine Tincture Spray


    Available in 250ml  Iodine Tincture Spray is a yellowish-brown solution containing 2.5% w/v of Iodine in an alcohol base. Can be used on all species for the prevention or treatment of wounds, minor burns, abscesses, ringworm, footrot, mud fever. It can also be used in preventing local infections of the naval, after castration and de-horning. As a…

  • Koppertox


    Available in 250ml  INDICATIONS For use in the treatment of Ringworm and Footrot. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS A green oily solution containing Copper Naphthenate (13.5%) and Veterinary Cod liver Oil (5.0%) in a 250ml or 500ml spray bottle. .

  • Sedalyte


    2.5kg Replaces more of what is actually lost in sweat. Inadequate electrolyte replacement after sweat loss leads to dehydration, lethargy, reduced water intake and muscle weakness in performance. It is also a major cause of tying up (Equine rhabdomyolysis).

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