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  • Dunstan All Four Feet


    Dunstan All-4-Feet is a low starch, quality protein, high fibre enriched formulation, specifically designed to meet the nutrition needs of horses requiring a low starch/low sugar diet and/or at risk from Laminitis and other health conditions. Dunstan All-4-Feet meets the stringent requirements set by The Laminitis Trust for formulations designed to assist horses susceptible to Laminitis. Low in Starch and Sugars, High…

  • Dunstan Betabeet



  • Dunstan Breed & Grow


    Dunstan Breed & Grow is a low-starch, high-fibre pellet formulated to provide quality nutrition to the pregnant and lactating Mare and Young Growing Horse. The low-starch and quality fibre ingredients used in Dunstan Breed & Grow (Lucerne Chaff, Soya Hulls and Meadow Hay) serve two key purposes. Firstly, to benefit sound growth of the young horse and secondly to aid in ensuring…

  • Dunstan Eezy Mix



  • Dunstan Extruded Barley



  • Dunstan Extruded Rice


    The 100% Rice- based feed with Rice Bran Oil

    • Calorie-dense for weight gain
    • Assists with developing ‘topline’ and muscle development.
    • Highly digestible, therefore avoiding some of the behavioral issues associated with undigested starch in the hindgut.
    • Suitable alternative energy source for horses prone to ‘tying-up’.
    • A great replacement for oats enhances coat sheen.
    • anti-allergenic – suitable for horses that are gluten sensitive
  • Dunstan Fibre Grow



  • Dunstan Maxim Low-GI



  • Dunstan Muscle ‘n Shine



  • Dunstan Resolve


    Dunstan Resolve is a low starch feed ideal for horses that do not tolerate high starch rations for behavioural or physiological reasons. As a semi-concentrate muesli, Dunstan Resolve has elevated inclusion of key nutrients, therefore making it ideal for ‘good doers’ and those that do not require the higher intakes of a traditional ‘full feed’. Dunstan Resolve contains Melofeed®, a natural source of primary antioxidants that…

  • Dunstan Sporthorse


    A premium high-energy feed for all performance horses


    • Extruded cereal grains
    • Includes sugarbeet
    • Added vegetable oil
    • Organic minerals
    • Selenium yeast
    • Live yeast
    • Chromium
    • Natural vitamin E
  • Dunstan Staggernuts


    Dunstan Staggers Nuggets are a low intake, extruded nugget containing toxin binders. It contains two forms of toxin binder, a yeast based binder in CitriStim® MOS and clay-based binder in Zeolite. Mycotoxin binders aim to bind the Mycotoxins a horse ingests, thereby rendering them inactive and having them pass through the digestive system. Excreting the mycotoxins before they are absorbed in…

  • Dunstan Sweetmix


    A oat-free, lighlty molassed, complete textured feed