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  • AlleviateC SOS 4kg


    AlleviateC SOS is for horses seriously affected by their pasture grass. Has proved helpful for: Sore feet, shifting weight from foot to foot Horses in rocked back stance Reluctance to move Lying down a lot  Head-flicking/shaking ‘Aeroplane ears’, probable head-ache Muzzle, general skin or muscle twitching Excessive nose rubbing Light sensitivity  Excessive Itching Girthiness Signs…

  • Graze Ezy 2kg


    Graze Ezy has been formulated to help neutralise or ‘buffer’ imbalances in grass. It is important to start with 10gms per feed and gradually increase the dose. If the manure softens then just revert to the previous amount.  Organic chromium assists with metabolizing the sugars in the grass. Long term GrazeEzy will contribute significantly towards…

  • Premium Horse Minerals