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  • Cambridge Grains Flaxseed Oil

    1L or 5L

  • Leg Up Condition Oil

    Leg Up Conditioner Oil contains New Zealand grown freshly cold pressed rapeseed oil. This product is an important ingredient for many leading thoroughbred and standardbred sale preparers and studs.

  • Leg Up Performance Oil

    Leg Up Performance Oil combines premium New Zealand grown cold pressed rapeseed oil and NZ Hoki Oil to assist horses to look and perform at their best. Leg Up Performance Oil provides horses with the essential long chain omegas EPA & DHA. These omegas improve oxygen delivery to the muscles which increases the time a…

  • Leg Up Rapeseed Meal 20kg


    Key Benefits

    • Premium quality protein to assist with body condition & topline
    • Low in starch providing a cool source of energy
    • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for coat shine
    • Rich in essential amino acids including methionine to help support healthy and strong hooves
    • Extruded to help provide calories in a highly digestible form
  • Leg Up Sunflower Meal 20kg


    Key Benefits

    • Quality fat & protein for building and maintaining body condition
    • Low in starch and sugar providing a cool source of energy
    • Higher fat levels for coat shine and healthy skin