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  • BetaVet Aller-Gen


    ALLER-GEN is a professionally formulated herbal preparation designed to help support healthy immune function for optimal health. A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from allergies. Beneficial for allergic skin issues and mild dermatological conditions. For symptoms of respiratory allergies. Assists in support of immune function and response to help strengthen mucus membranes against airborne allergens.

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  • BetaVet Echinacea Premier 500ml


    New formula! Echinacea root contains high levels of alkylamides widely regarded to be the most active constituents. A simple taste test can determine the quality of echinacea as the alkalymides cause the “buzz” or tingling sensation on the tongue when tasted.

  • BetaVet Equi-Coff 500ml


    Respiratory Support Scientifically formulated herbal preparation designed to help support immune function and respiratory system for optimal respiratory health. It May help to support healthy respiratory mucus membranes in times of cough and colds. A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from illness. Contains Echinacea which can be used in conjunction with veterinary…

  • CG Beetroot Powder


    Feeding beetroot powder to horses can have potential benefits. Beetroot powder is a good source of natural nitrates, which can improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles, potentially enhancing athletic performance and endurance in horses. Additionally, beetroot powder is high in fiber, which can promote healthy digestion in horses.


  • EA Ventilator Powder



    The horse’s respiratory system is challenged on a daily basis, both with athletic effort, in training and competition, and through environmental challenges such as dust and spores from hay and bedding.

  • Itz Magic 1L



  • ITZMagic Free Up


    FreeUp eliminates pain in the muscles quite often caused by viral infection. A must-have when travelling and hard racing. Withholding time – NIL  Available in 2.5L 

  • Rocket Fuel 100ml



  • Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel 100ML


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  • Vetpro Nasal Eze 500g


    Nasal-Eze is an effective product for horses showing  upper respiratory tract problems. It is a 100% natural product and contains Menthol and four volatile oils in an anhydrous base. The Menthol gives a cooling sensation to irritated nasal membranes and also helps clear the airways and bronchial passages. Eucalyptus Oil is a useful expectorant, increasing…