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  • cambridge grains flowers of sulphur

    CG Flowers of Sulphur 1kg


    Flowers of sulphur is often used topically on horses to help address skin issues, such as fungal or bacterial infections or sweet itch. It can also be added to the horse’s feed as a supplement to help support overall health and wellness.

  • cambridge-grains-turmeric

    CG Turmeric 1KG


    Turmeric is a spice commonly used in human cooking that has been gaining popularity as a natural supplement for horses. It contains a compound called curcumin, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may benefit horses in several ways. Turmeric is often fed to horses to support joint health, aid in digestion, and promote a healthy coat. It may also have immune-boosting effects and could help horses with respiratory issues or allergies.

  • BetaVet Aller-Gen


    ALLER-GEN is a professionally formulated herbal preparation designed to help support healthy immune function for optimal health. A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from allergies. Beneficial for allergic skin issues and mild dermatological conditions. For symptoms of respiratory allergies. Assists in support of immune function and response to help strengthen mucus membranes against airborne allergens.

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  • BetaVet Echinacea Premier 500ml


    New formula! Echinacea root contains high levels of alkylamides widely regarded to be the most active constituents. A simple taste test can determine the quality of echinacea as the alkalymides cause the “buzz” or tingling sensation on the tongue when tasted.

  • BetaVet Equi-Coff 500ml


    Respiratory Support Scientifically formulated herbal preparation designed to help support immune function and respiratory system for optimal respiratory health. It May help to support healthy respiratory mucus membranes in times of cough and colds. A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from illness. Contains Echinacea which can be used in conjunction with veterinary…

  • BetaVet Gastri-Tec 500ml


    Gastric-Tec contains deglycyrrhized licorice with a mineral-rich, red marine plant lithothamnion for optimal gastro-intestinal health to help maintain optimal gastric secretions for a healthy gut – including the stomach and the hindgut.   Gastric Conditioner Scientifically formulated herbal preparation designed to help support healthy digestive function for optimal gastro-intestinal health. Assists in healthy appetite in…

  • BetaVet GG Calm & Mag Paste


    Calming herbs can balance behavior and help the horse adjust faster to stressful situations. Less stress also helps to lower the risk for stomach ulcers, stress-induced colic, fighting among horses, and stable vices. etc.

  • BetaVet Prepare



  • BetaVet ReguMare 500ml


    REGUMARE supports the normal hormonal balance of mares when temperament and marish behavior adversely affect safe handling, and willingness to work or focus in the ring or on the track.

  • BetaVet Steady Steed


    Scientifically formulated herbal preparation to gently support the nervous system without impairing the reflexes or causing lethargy. Steady Steed may help the horse to adjust faster to stressful things and therefore create habitually good behaviour long term

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  • BetaVet Steady Steed Paste


    Herbal formulation is designed to gently support the nervous system which assists the horse in adjusting faster to stressful situations and therefore creates habitually good behavior long term.

  • Brookby Herbs Rosehips


    Brookby Herbs Rosehips Rosehips have an important role to play in neutralizing free radicals, therefore, they are a wonderful herbal treatment for keeping your horse healthy and in peak condition. Research has established Rosehips as the highest source of flavonoids and biotin which is great for strengthening horses hooves as well. Rosehips are a great…

  • CG Beetroot Powder


    Feeding beetroot powder to horses can have potential benefits. Beetroot powder is a good source of natural nitrates, which can improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles, potentially enhancing athletic performance and endurance in horses. Additionally, beetroot powder is high in fiber, which can promote healthy digestion in horses.


  • EA BLS Super Strength Powder


    Helps the horse’s own anti-inflammatory processes, supporting mobility as well as joint and muscle comfort. The ultimate nutritional support for joint and muscle comfort in hard-working performance horses and ponies, or for older horses to help maintain mobility. Includes high levels of Boswellia, MSM, Yucca and Turmeric to help the horse’s own anti-inflammatory processes. Contains key antioxidant vitamins…

  • Equine SuperGoo Extra Strength Fly and Insect Repellent


    Extra Strength Natural Fly and Insect Lotion for use to repel flies, ticks, bot flies, midges.

  • James Hart Devil’s Claw Flex 500ML


    –kg     Devil’s Claw Flex offers the option of short, medium or long-term nutritional support for ligament, tendon and joint health, naturally sustaining joint elasticity and all round mobility.    It stands alone among herbal supplements of its type in supplying the highest liquid concentration of Devil’s Claw achieved by using best quality dried herb and a…

  • Poseidon Animal Health Stress Paste


    A concentrated non-swabbable nutritional formula designed to support horses in times of high exertion or stress. Such times may include when competing, travelling, or in extreme heat and humidity. Stress Paste contains ingredients selected to support the horse’s gut and muscle physiology in a way that helps them deal with the effects of stress. This…

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  • Savvy Touch Bugs R Off


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  • Savvy Touch Cooling Gel


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  • Savvy Touch Faark Off


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  • Savvy Touch Mango Butter Sunscreen SPF30


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  • Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel 100ML


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  • Savvy Touch Skin Smoothie


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