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  • AHD Medicated Shampoo


    The medicated shampoo cleans and protects animals’ coats leaving them soft and shiny while promoting healthy skin. Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients to suppress skin infections. Contains lanolin and soluble protein to recover and nourish damaged hair as well as dichlorobenzly alcohol 0.03% w/v and 2-bromo -2 nitropropane -1.3 diol 0.2% w/v. These anti-bacterial and…

  • AHD Zinc Ointment


    Treats slight abrasions and minor wounds. Prevents sunburn in all species.

  • AlShield


    AlShield Spray forms a breathable, waterproof layer that acts as an adhesive bandage to promote healing in minor wounds.

  • Animal Shampoo (blue/green)

    An economical concentrate shampoo • Suitable for all animals • Biodegradable.

  • Crib-stop paint


    A paint to help discourage horses chewing fences rugs and tack. The formulation contains hot and bitter ingredients, giving an extremely repulsive taste.  Is easily applied by brushing onto the surface of rails, doors, tack, bandages and rugs.

  • Cribox

    To deter horses from crib-biting, gnawing rugs and tails.

  • EA Silky Mane & Tail Spray

    • Silky Mane & Tail Detangler is a powerful dust and dirt-repellent action and tangle-free effect that lasts for several days.
  • Equinade Shampoo

    The equinade Glo range is an excellent product. Each product targets a specific colour, Glo White makes whites sparkling clean, Glo Bay, Glo Chestnut & Glo Black really bring out the natural colours of the coat.

  • Farmassist – Antibacterial Animal Wash


    A broad-spectrum disinfectant wash that is concentrated and uses the active ingredient chlorhexidine. It is highly effective against pathogens that threaten horses and that are costly to their environment. Formulated to promote health and hygiene in any stable environment.

  • Farmassist – Antibacterial Healing Spray



  • Fly Repellent Vet Naturals


    Vetpro Natural Fly Repellent is a mutual collaboration between a top Equine Veterinarian and a renowned Herbalist, both with over 20 years experience in their respective fields, has resulted in the Vet Naturals range of products. The Fly Repellent is the first product in the range and has filled the need for a natural deterrent…

  • Fungal Shampoo


    1. It should remove embedded dirt. 2. It should relieve minor fungal and bacterial skin infections. 3. It should leave the coat with a healthy sheen. Vetpro Fungal Cleansing Shampoo combines all these properties. It contains a surfactant which gives the shampoo its rich lathering ability, lifting dirt from the coat. Kerasol, a hydrolysed form of…

  • Stockholm Tar


    Available in 400ml & 5L Strong antibacterial solution for treatment at de-horning, or to seal shearing cuts and cracked hooves in cattle, sheep and horses. Provides a natural seal on exposed plant branches after pruning A good possum repellent – paint at the base of trees to keep them off

  • Sunblock Powder


    Unique powder formula that blocks all UVA and UVB rays. An innovative solution to protecting the white skin of animals that is susceptible to sun damage. Sunblock Powder creates a smooth film like coating when applied to the skin – similar to a human cosmetic powder. Since it is a light powder pets do not have an adverse…

  • Vetmax Hoof Oil

    An anti-bacterial enhanced traditional formulation containing Stockholm tar. This will improve the health of hooves and create a showring shine.

  • Worlds Best Hoof Oil

    The Worlds Best Hoof Oil has 100% genuine, pure and undiluted natural ingredients and has been tested and used for over 50 years. With 5 natural Oils and Vitamins that absorb quickly and promote healthy hooves. Ideal for any breed of horse that requires quick, strong healthy growth for work, ring, racetracks or pleasure. Neatsfoot…