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  • cambridge grains hymalayn salt

    CG Himalayan Salt 1kg


    Himalayan salt granules are a popular supplement for horses. This type of salt is mined from ancient sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains and is believed to contain a range of trace minerals that can be beneficial for horses. Himalayan salt granules are typically added to a horse’s feed or water to provide a natural source of sodium and other essential minerals

  • Equishure


    EquiShure®promotes normal digestive function by aiding in the maintenance of an optimal hindgut environment and is designed for horses suspected of suffering from or that are at risk of developing hindgut acidosis. Many horses have hindgut disturbances and EquiShure’s unique encapsulation technology ensures targeted release directly in the hindgut. The demands placed on horses, as…

  • Harness Salts



  • HorsLyx


    Available in 5kg & 15kg  Horslyx Original Balancer will balance any nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing, helping to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy all year round. When fed at the recommended intake level for your horse, Original Balancer can counteract nutrient deficiencies in the grass and forage whilst also being cost-effective and…




  • Pro Dosa Boost Paste


    80ml The most complete & balanced multi-nutrient paste available on the International Market.Formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, competition, transport or under stress. Essential for those individuals that need greater nutrient supplementation to maintain normal health, appetite or metabolism especially those horses with low red blood cell parameters, poor body condition or appetite, problems…

  • Race Salts 2KG



  • Salkavite 16KG


    2kg Salkavite has been formulated so as to supply horses engaged in racing and any strenuous exercise with an adequate supply of Electrolytes and B Group Vitamins.  Salkavite contains essential dietary salts and is indicated in cases of water and electrolyte depletion due to physical exertion, excessive sweating and extreme heat. If not replaced, these…

  • Sedalyte


    2.5kg Replaces more of what is actually lost in sweat. Inadequate electrolyte replacement after sweat loss leads to dehydration, lethargy, reduced water intake and muscle weakness in performance. It is also a major cause of tying up (Equine rhabdomyolysis).

  • Vet Pro Quicklyte Paste



  • Vetpro Electrolyte 1kg


    Available in 1kg, 2kg & 5kg  The muscular activity associated with training and competition results in a rapid increase in body temperature. The only way for horses to lose this excess body heat is via sweat production; in fact, efficient muscle function is dependent on it. Sweat also represents the major route of fluid and…