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  • cambridge grains bicarb

    CG Bicarb 1KG


    Feeding bicarb to horses can be beneficial in a variety of situations. For example, horses that are prone to digestive upset may benefit from bicarb supplementation as it can help to reduce acidity and promote a healthy pH balance in the gut. Bicarb may also be given to horses that are undergoing intense exercise or training as it can help to reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, which can cause fatigue and soreness.

  • cambridge grains biotin

    CG Biotin 1kg


    Feeding biotin to horses is a common practice to support healthy hoof and coat development. Biotin is a B-vitamin that plays a crucial role in the production of keratin, a protein that makes up the hoof and hair. Supplementation with biotin can be beneficial for horses with weak or brittle hooves, as well as those with dull or thin coats.

  • body-builder-probiotics

    CG Body Builder 5kg


    Body Builder with Pro-Biotics to aid gut health and support the immune system!

    This product contains natural vitamins and minerals to assist in the development of lean muscle and assist in enhancing recovery after work with added benefits of pro-biotics that aid gut health and support the immune system.

    • 81% protein
    • Build, repairs & maintains muscle fibres
    • Pro-biotics increases nutritional absorption
    • Energy source for muscles
    • Supports muscle condition
    • NZ made with NZ ingredients

    Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg

  • cambridge grains calcuim bone and joint care

    CG Calcium


    Feeding calcium to horses is important for their bone development, muscle function, and overall health. It can be obtained from dietary sources or supplements, but proper dosage and mineral balance are crucial to avoid health issues. It is recommended to seek guidance from a veterinarian or equine nutritionist for optimal supplementation.

  • cambridge grains causmag

    CG Causmag 1KG


    Causmag, also known as Magnesium oxide is a common supplement used in horse nutrition to support overall health and well-being. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in a variety of bodily functions, including nerve and muscle function, bone health, and immune system function. Magnesium oxide is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium that can be easily absorbed by the horse’s body.

  • cambridge grains copper sulphate

    CG Copper Sulphate 1KG


    Copper sulfate can also be used externally on horses to treat certain skin conditions. Copper sulfate is a known astringent and has antimicrobial properties that can be helpful in treating skin infections, wounds, and other dermatological conditions. When used topically, copper sulfate is typically diluted in water or vinegar and applied to the affected area.

  • dextrose electrolytes cambridge grains 1kg

    CG Dextrose 1KG


    Dextrose, also known as glucose, is a simple sugar that can be used as a source of quick energy in horses. It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and can be especially beneficial for horses undergoing intense exercise or in need of a quick energy boost.

  • cambridge grains Dolomite General Health

    CG Dolomite 1KG


    Dolomite is a mineral supplement that can be added to a horse’s diet to provide a source of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are important for many functions in the horse’s body, including maintaining healthy bones and muscles, nerve function, and overall metabolic function.

  • cambridge grains epsom salts

    CG Epsom Salts 1kg


    Epsom salt can be used in a variety of ways for horses, including as a soaking solution for sore muscles or hooves and as a supplement to help address magnesium deficiencies. When used as a soaking solution, Epsom salt can help reduce inflammation and promote healing in the affected area.

  • cambridge grains flowers of sulphur

    CG Flowers of Sulphur 1kg


    Flowers of sulphur is often used topically on horses to help address skin issues, such as fungal or bacterial infections or sweet itch. It can also be added to the horse’s feed as a supplement to help support overall health and wellness.

  • cambridge grains garlic supplement

    CG Garlic


    Garlic is often used as a natural supplement to support the immune system, repel insects, and promote respiratory health. It contains several compounds that are believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties, making it a popular choice for horses prone to respiratory issues or frequent infections.

  • cambridge grains gelatine

    CG Gelatine


    Gelatine is a protein-rich substance that is sometimes fed to horses as a supplement. It is believed to have a range of benefits, including supporting joint health, promoting hoof growth, and improving coat condition. Gelatine contains high levels of amino acids, particularly glycine and proline, which are important building blocks for connective tissues such as cartilage and collagen.

  • CG Glucosamine 1kg


    Glucosamine is a popular supplement used in equine nutrition to support joint health and mobility. It is a natural compound found in cartilage and other connective tissues in the body. When ingested, glucosamine is thought to help stimulate the production of cartilage and reduce inflammation in the joints, which can lead to improved mobility and comfort for horses with joint issues or arthritis.

  • cambridge grains hymalayn salt

    CG Himalayan Salt 1kg


    Himalayan salt granules are a popular supplement for horses. This type of salt is mined from ancient sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains and is believed to contain a range of trace minerals that can be beneficial for horses. Himalayan salt granules are typically added to a horse’s feed or water to provide a natural source of sodium and other essential minerals

  • CG Kelp Granules 1kg


    Kelp is a type of seaweed that is often used as a supplement for horses. Kelp granules are a concentrated source of minerals and trace elements, including iodine, which is essential for healthy thyroid function. Kelp is believed to provide several benefits for horses, including supporting healthy skin and coats, promoting strong hooves, and aiding in digestion. It is also sometimes used as a natural supplement to support the immune system.

  • cambridge grains mag33

    CG Mag33


    European Mag33 offers magnesium in an easy-to-use granular form. Salty in flavor, Mag33 is the ideal magnesium supplement for fussy eaters; easy to mix into feed rations, mineral supplements, or offer ad-lib as a free access mineral.

  • CG MSM


    MSM is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce joint pain and swelling in horses. It is also thought to promote the production of collagen and other connective tissue, which can help improve the health of joints and other structures in the horse’s body. In addition to its joint health benefits, MSM is also believed to have other health benefits for horses. It is thought to have antioxidant properties, which can help protect the horse’s cells from damage caused by free radicals. It may also help support the horse’s immune system, promoting overall health and wellness.

  • cambridge-grains-turmeric

    CG Turmeric 1KG


    Turmeric is a spice commonly used in human cooking that has been gaining popularity as a natural supplement for horses. It contains a compound called curcumin, which is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may benefit horses in several ways. Turmeric is often fed to horses to support joint health, aid in digestion, and promote a healthy coat. It may also have immune-boosting effects and could help horses with respiratory issues or allergies.

  • CG Vitamin E 500g


    In horses, vitamin E is particularly important for muscle and nerve health. It is believed to play a role in preventing and managing conditions such as equine motor neuron disease (EMND) and tying-up, which can cause muscle damage and weakness in horses. Vitamin E is also thought to have immune-boosting properties, helping to support the horse’s immune system and promoting overall health and wellness. Horses cannot produce vitamin E in their bodies, so it must be obtained through their diet or through supplementation. Good dietary sources of vitamin E for horses include fresh pasture and hay, but supplementation is often recommended to ensure that horses get enough of this critical nutrient.

  • vitamain C cambridge grains 2kg

    Vitamin C 1KG


    Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect the horse’s cells from damage caused by free radicals. It is also important for the production of collagen, a protein that is essential for the health of connective tissue, including skin, cartilage, and bones. As such, vitamin C is often used as a supplement to support joint health in horses. In addition to its antioxidant and joint health benefits, vitamin C is also believed to have immune-boosting properties in horses. It is thought to help support the horse’s immune system, helping to ward off infections and other diseases.

  • AHD Iodine Udder Cream


    Recognized as the most popular udder cream in the market. This formulation is a dark brown, oil-based grease containing 2g/kg Iodine.  NPE FREE (Nonylphenol Ethoxylates = bad for the environment, bad for wildlife).

  • AHD Medicated Shampoo


    The medicated shampoo cleans and protects animals’ coats leaving them soft and shiny while promoting healthy skin. Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients to suppress skin infections. Contains lanolin and soluble protein to recover and nourish damaged hair as well as dichlorobenzly alcohol 0.03% w/v and 2-bromo -2 nitropropane -1.3 diol 0.2% w/v. These anti-bacterial and…

  • AHD Oral Mag


    Smooth easy to drench formulation which can also be added to feed.
    Offers an extended residual effect meaning the magnesium is available when needed.

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  • AHD Zinc Ointment


    Treats slight abrasions and minor wounds. Prevents sunburn in all species.

  • AlleviateC SOS 4kg


    AlleviateC SOS is for horses seriously affected by their pasture grass. Has proved helpful for: Sore feet, shifting weight from foot to foot Horses in rocked back stance Reluctance to move Lying down a lot  Head-flicking/shaking ‘Aeroplane ears’, probable head-ache Muzzle, general skin or muscle twitching Excessive nose rubbing Light sensitivity  Excessive Itching Girthiness Signs…

  • AlShield


    AlShield Spray forms a breathable, waterproof layer that acts as an adhesive bandage to promote healing in minor wounds.

  • Animal Shampoo (blue/green)

    An economical concentrate shampoo • Suitable for all animals • Biodegradable.

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  • BetaVet Aller-Gen


    ALLER-GEN is a professionally formulated herbal preparation designed to help support healthy immune function for optimal health. A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from allergies. Beneficial for allergic skin issues and mild dermatological conditions. For symptoms of respiratory allergies. Assists in support of immune function and response to help strengthen mucus membranes against airborne allergens.

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  • BetaVet Echinacea Premier 500ml


    New formula! Echinacea root contains high levels of alkylamides widely regarded to be the most active constituents. A simple taste test can determine the quality of echinacea as the alkalymides cause the “buzz” or tingling sensation on the tongue when tasted.

  • BetaVet Equi-Coff 500ml


    Respiratory Support Scientifically formulated herbal preparation designed to help support immune function and respiratory system for optimal respiratory health. It May help to support healthy respiratory mucus membranes in times of cough and colds. A healthy immune system improves resistance to and recovery from illness. Contains Echinacea which can be used in conjunction with veterinary…

  • BetaVet Gastri-Tec 500ml


    Gastric-Tec contains deglycyrrhized licorice with a mineral-rich, red marine plant lithothamnion for optimal gastro-intestinal health to help maintain optimal gastric secretions for a healthy gut – including the stomach and the hindgut.   Gastric Conditioner Scientifically formulated herbal preparation designed to help support healthy digestive function for optimal gastro-intestinal health. Assists in healthy appetite in…

  • BetaVet GG Calm & Mag Paste


    Calming herbs can balance behavior and help the horse adjust faster to stressful situations. Less stress also helps to lower the risk for stomach ulcers, stress-induced colic, fighting among horses, and stable vices. etc.

  • BetaVet Prepare



  • BetaVet ReguMare 500ml


    REGUMARE supports the normal hormonal balance of mares when temperament and marish behavior adversely affect safe handling, and willingness to work or focus in the ring or on the track.

  • BetaVet Steady Steed


    Scientifically formulated herbal preparation to gently support the nervous system without impairing the reflexes or causing lethargy. Steady Steed may help the horse to adjust faster to stressful things and therefore create habitually good behaviour long term

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  • BetaVet Steady Steed Paste


    Herbal formulation is designed to gently support the nervous system which assists the horse in adjusting faster to stressful situations and therefore creates habitually good behavior long term.