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  • CG One for All


    One for All. Is a simple mix containing barley, maize, soya, oaten chaff, and some molasses for added flavor. This is ideal for any type of horse, from your ponies to your breakers.

    You can also safely feed One for All to any cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens because we have added no extra mineral premixes to it.

  • Cambridge Calf finisher meal

    CG CalfMate Finisher Meal


    A high quality feed for weaner calves, containing imported Extruded Proteins with high By-Pass Protein and Fat.

  • CG CalfMate Starter Meal


    A high energy and protein supplement feed for young calves to assist in improving growth rates.  This extruded protein-enhanced product releases more energy and by-pass protein from the total ration, enabling the grain to be more efficiently digested.

  • cambridge grains mbm

    CG MBM


    Maize Barley Molasses is a premium-quality feed supplement designed to provide your livestock with a nutritious and delicious source of energy. This specially-formulated supplement contains a balanced combination of maize, barley, and molasses, which together provide a rich source of carbohydrates, fiber, and essential nutrients.

  • AHD Iodine Animal Wash


    Suitable for all animals. This iodine wash is a fantastic general coat wash and conditioner. Treats minor dermatological abnormalities. Leaves coats with a glistening finish.   Available in 500ml and 2L

  • AHD Iodine Udder Cream


    Recognized as the most popular udder cream in the market. This formulation is a dark brown, oil-based grease containing 2g/kg Iodine.  NPE FREE (Nonylphenol Ethoxylates = bad for the environment, bad for wildlife).

  • AHD Oral Mag


    Smooth easy to drench formulation which can also be added to feed.
    Offers an extended residual effect meaning the magnesium is available when needed.

  • Conventional Meadow Hay Bales


    Meadow hay from Te Kuiti. Cut and baled this year, been properly shed stored since bailing.

  • Dryline for Equine


    Dryline™ for Equine can be used as part of a regular process to keep horses’ stalls clean and disease-free and is also highly effective in larger doses when more moisture or bacteria is present.

  • Fiber Fresh – Meadow


    Fiber Fresh is launching a refreshed version of Fiber Meadow in a bright orange Fiber Fresh branded bag. The blend of grasses primarily made up from the low sugar and starch grasses of Pasture Brome (Bareno), Cocksfoot (Safin), with a small amount of Low Endophyte Ryegrass (Governor), and white clovers (Kotuku and Weka) included for…

  • Herdd Bedding 22kg

    Natural, dehydrated NZ grown pine bedding that provides your animals soft bedding that is long lasting, low dust and highly absorbent. Our 100% natural compressed pine bedding is unique & comes in eco-friendly, oversized 22kg bags to conveniently provide a hygienic environment for your animals’ comfort. HERDD bedding is made from unique Northland pine, with…

  • Kibbled Maize



  • Rolled Barley



  • Savvy Touch Bugs R Off


    identical product to FAARK Off… just a PC name

  • Savvy Touch Faark Off


    A fly spray made by fly haters, for “politically incorrect “fly haters”

  • Stock Nuts 25kg


    A by-product of milled grain, cooked and compressed into a pellet approx. 15mm.  An economical, palatable and versatile feed for all animals.   Protein 16% Energy 12.0% MJ/kg DM (ME) Starch 20% Dietary Fibre 40% Carbohydrate 62% Sugars 6% minimum   Feeding guide for cows Always introduce a new product into the diet slowly.  As…

  • Whole Maize